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Need Supplies?
Your local community can help!

We are compiling and distributing a real-time list to local donors of the PPE, supplies and materials needed by healthcare workers, first responders, social services and other front-line providers for both immediate and near-term shortages.

If you are in need of donations, give us your information below. We will post your requests promptly to local donors.

Why use Share Some Care?

Our goal is simple: We are using the power of social media to connect local residents and businesses with the organizations taking care of their communities. 100% of the supplies and donations directed to you go to you - Share Some Care is fully self-funded and we don't take any portion of any donations. In fact, we don't ever touch the donations, they are delivered directly to you by the donors. 




Social Services



First Responders



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Point of Contact (optional)
  • It is 100% voluntary on your part, but for efficiency we seek to coordinate your donation requests via text message to the Point of Contact cellphone number you provide.

  • You may terminate your request for donations at any time.

  • We will never share your personal contact information with anyone.

Type of Organization (required)
First Responder
Social Services, Other
Supplies Needed (required)
Personal Protection
Cleaning Supplies
Food and Other
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