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  • Share Some Care Siblings from Hopewell create website to make donating coronavirus supplies easy nationwide

Alexander Huang-Menders (left) and Celeste Huang-Menders (middle) are two of the creators of the Share Some Care website to make donating easy.

By Richard Greco | NJ Advance Media for

As the coronavirus continues to rapidly spread throughout New Jersey, many companies and residents want to give back, but aren’t sure how.

One family in Hopewell is making it easy to find where to donate locally.

Siblings Alexander Huang-Menders, Celeste Huang-Menders, and Christian Huang created the Share Some Care project, which is an online database that allows people throughout to country to locate fire stations, food banks, hospitals and police stations near them that are accepting donations. “For this project, it was extremely important to bring people together,” Celeste, a George School (Pa.) sophomore, said. “I think the major issue is that with the restrictions of physical interactions, there is a distance between the people that want to help and the people that need help. I don’t think people recognize the extent of all of the places that could benefit from the resources.”

The project is requesting only new or gently-used supplies that first-line responders could use such as disposable gloves, N95 face masks, and other Personal Protective Equipment as well as food for food banks.

Once users select their local emergency service on the website’s interactive map, they are prompted with that branch’s contact information. Before making donations, users should contact their target organization to see requested drop-off details as well as needs. For people that don’t know where to donate their supplies, Share Some Care offers to help pair them with a local organization in need. “Something like this helps to show that there are resources available for people that want to use them,” Alexander, a junior at Pennington, said. “We are really lucky that we were able to do this.”

The website launched at the beginning of this week and has already generated traffic nationwide.

“It’s amazing that this project has taken off so quickly,” Alexander said. “Ideally we want to get traffic from around the world. People that have seen it have been very encouraging and supportive. I hope that continues and grows even more. In times like these, I think it can really do some good.”

Doing some good is nothing new for the Huang family.

Alexander and Celeste have worked together to bring awareness to the refugee crisis nationwide. They’ve worked at refugee camps in Greece and Mexico and have spoken about the crisis across the country. Once they realized the severity of COVID-19, they knew that it was time to shift focus to that and seeing them jump into action made their father Daniel extremely proud. “One of the things that really heartens me is that they’ve realized that in the world we live in today, you can make a change,” he said. “You don’t need to wait for permission. You just do it. If you wait for permission from whoever it might be, things don’t get done nearly as quickly. I think that the initiative here was really heartening to see.”

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