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As the world responds to the unprecendented COVID-19 situation, now more than ever our communities are needed to pull together and support local front-line responders of all kinds - healthcare providers, first responders, social services and other organizations working to care for the immediate and on-going health, safety and well-being of our fellow neighbors.

It is expected to take months or longer for the impact of COVID-19 to be overcome in our communities. Today the massive shortages of supplies facing front-line responders are (and will continue to be) severe in many regions. Individuals like yourself and your local businesses are increasingly vital to supporting your local service providers.

In certain areas travel may be limited or restricted from time to time. We are connecting local resources to local needs to minimize potential distance considerations.

  1. We are mobilizing supplies and materials. If you want to donate money, we recommend you go to your target organization's website directly and donate through their established channels.  
  2. Given the rapidly shifting situation, we recommend calling your target organization prior to delivery to verify they are in need of your specific supplies.

  3. Please donate only new or gently-used supplies and equipment that can be used by the recipient organizations.

  4. Review your target organization's requested dropoff details, including preferred days and times,to allow their operations to continue as smoothly as possible. 

  5. If you have specific or specialized equipment not listed here that you believe an organization (local or further away) would be able to use, you can contact them directly. If you do not know which organization may have need for your specialized items,  you can contact us on the "About" page and we will work to match you with an appropriate organization.

Thank you for making your local community (and the world) a better place.

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you can help in your local community

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