Advisory Board

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Theresa Menders

          Theresa is a Director at Otsuka Pharmaceutical, National Fellow of The Explorers Club and Mentor at Princeton University’s Keller Center for Innovation. As a documentary photographer and independent advocate, Theresa has focused on a range of issues, with a long-term focus on global health, mental health, and women’s and children’s issues locally and around the world.  She has covered these and other current topics in the Republic of Vanuatu, Haiti, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, India, China, Greece, Turkey and Bangladesh.  Her current work is heavily focused on the Global Refugee Crisis. Theresa is a Brand Ambassadors for Op/Tech USA camera systems. 

          Theresa earned her BS in Mathematics from Dartmouth College, MBA in Finance and Management from The Wharton School, MA in Latin American Studies and International Economics from Johns Hopkins University, a Masters in Public Health from George Washington University’s Milken Institute School of Public Health and she is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Public Health.

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​Stephanie Landers​

          Stephanie Landers is a Program Manager at Princeton University’s Keller Center for Innovation. The Keller Center is based in Princeton University's School of Engineering and Applied Science and shares the school's vision for bridging disciplines to ensure that all students are prepared to put science and technology to use in solving critical societal challenges. The Keller Center's mission is to educate leaders for a technology-driven society, by innovating education and fostering entrepreneurship, innovation and design. Stephanie manages the Keller Center’s eLab Accelerator and Incubator programs, which are designed to help students build their own startup ventures while at Princeton. Stephanie advises students and connects them to a broad network of seasoned mentors and advisors, faculty, guest speakers, and potential investors. She also manages the Keller Center’s Student Project funding program, which provides support to students pursuing research and development projects in STEM fields, as well as entrepreneurship and design thinking.

         Stephanie earned her BA in French, and studied Film, Art and Spanish from Rutgers University.

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Leonard Leib

          Leonard Leib is the Math Department Chairperson and Teacher of Mathematics and Computer Science at The Pennington School. Prior to that, Leonard was a Software Developer at Hillside Health Care International, a non-profit organizational management firm devoted to improving the quality of life in Belize through medical care, health education, and community outreach.

          Leonard earned his BS in Computer Software Engineering from Brown University and his MBA in Management Information Systems from New York University.

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Michael Wyrick

          Michael Wyrick is a Principal at Global Associates LLC, an international business development and management consulting firm. Michael has been instrumental in the development of several startup companies in varying regions and sectors including international strategic marketing in the US, disaster recovery in the Caribbean and construction in the Middle East. Michael co-founded and served for five years as CEO of Tri-Eagle International, an international strategic marketing firm representing business interests such as aerospace/defense, transportation, infrastructure and energy. Following the Haiti Earthquake, Michael helped establish the largest debris recovery company in the island nation, which conducted some of the largest demolition and debris removal operations on contracts funded by USAID, the United Nations, the World Bank, and the Haitian Government.  Previously, Michael served in the Washington firm of U.S. Strategies Corporation as a legislative consultant.  He has worked in corporate government relations for America Online, where he served as legislative liaison in the company’s public policy office.

          Michael received his BA in History, with an emphasis on the Modern Middle East, from the University of Arkansas, as well as studied Arabic in Yemen and Syria and German in Switzerland.


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Yuki Zhang

          Yuki Zhang is an Associate Director - Digital Product Operations at ODH, Inc. As a professional in healthcare innovation for treatment of mental health, Yuki is passionate about using technology, medicine, and data to transform traditional treatment approaches and improve quality of lives. Yuki is a Court Appointed Special Advocate for CASA, a national organization that advocates for the rights of minors.

          Yuki is an engineer by training. She earned a BS in Aerospace Engineering from Fudan University, a MS in Systems Engineering from Cornell University, and is currently earning her MBA from The Wharton School.



Quincy Huang

          Quincy has worked in a wide range of health settings globally, including Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Haiti, China, and India. Quincy is co-founder of the Ella Initiative, which raises awareness of pressing women's equity issues around the world. Her professional foci  interests include environmental health, zoonotic diseases, and veterinary public health.

          Quincy Huang is a Bachelors of Science candidate in the department of Global Health at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.